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    Always keep the jewellery back in adhesive bags. Take utmost care of it as it consists of very delicate semiprecious gemstones. If you wish you can clean the jewellery with a dry cloth. Handle with care.


    Keep your jewellery away from moisture, excessive heat and perfumes. Do not drop your jewellery or clean it with water.?

    Q. How should I care for my jewellery?

    Ans. Keep it away from moisture, perfumes and excessive heat in plastic adhesive bags. Handle with extra care as we use a variety of semi-precious gemstones which are fragile.

    Q. What happens if my jewellery breaks?

    Ans. We have a no return no refund policy. But if you receive a damaged piece then we request you to contact us within 24hrs from the time of delivery.

    Q. What if my jewellery fades or gets scratched?

    Ans. All the pieces are 22k gold plated and are advised to be kept in their adhesive bags so that no such issues ever occur. For further details, please read the care instructions.