Personalization At Varnika

Express your style, loves and dreams through personalization.

You can shop and engrave a special piece online today, or

visit us in-store to explore more ways to tell your story with

monogramming, embossing, embroidery and etching.


Make your mark. Tell your story on a piece of personalized jewelry,

gift for the home or accessory with a meaningful message, monogram, special

symbol or a significant date


Further customization services are available in-store. Use our store locator page or contact our Customer Service team to learn more and find your nearest location.

Hand Engraving

Precious metal. Every one of Varnika’s hand engravers

has a unique style and sensibility. They work closely

with their clients to make sure each hand-engraved

piece is a singular work of art. To learn more,

please call 800 843 3269.


Meet the modern heirloom. Commemorate an important milestone,

a significant date or convey a special message by etching it into crystal.

To learn more, please call 800 843 3269.


Initial ideas. A monogram consists of a person’s initials—usually a first, middle and last name—that are combined into a design. Monograms can be engraved into metal, etched into glass, embroidered onto fabric or leather or embossed onto accessories. We can help you pick a font, type style and thread color that has “you” written all over it. To learn more, please call 800 843 3269.


Words matter. Let us stitch a pattern, lettering or image onto a fabric or leather design so that it’s unmistakably yours. Personalized baby blankets, the inside flap of a leather tote or a card case for your new job—if you can imagine it, we can help you say it beautifully. To learn more, please call 800 843 3269.

Customer Service

If you’re looking for something unique and want guidance and inspiration, call Customer Service 
at 800 843 3269 or visit your nearest Tiffany store.